Delivery Modes  

Traditional lecture based course meeting five hours per week.  Recommended for students that benefit from daily instruction and those whom math is not their strongest subject.

Distance Education (DE)
Coursework is done entirely online with no class meeting times.  Some instructors do require an on-campus final exam.  Recommended for students who are self-motivated and fairly confident in their math ability.

Hybrid courses meet between one to four hours per week with the remaining hours done independently.  Recommended for students that are fairly self-motivated but benefit by weekly meetings with an instructor.

Math Studio
Math Studio courses are self-paced, non-lecture courses allowing students the ability to complete two courses in one quarter while only paying tuition for a single course, or the option to take two quarters to complete a single course (Note: this requires full tuition of ten credits.)  These courses meet daily in the Math Studio in Lewis Hall, room L-209.

Blocked/Accelerated courses meet 10 hours per week, 2 hours per day, covering two courses in one quarter; five weeks for the first course, and five weeks for the second course.  Students pay tuition for two courses.  Recommended for students confident in their math ability and desiring to complete two courses in one quarter.