HMath 100 ~ Mathematics - Health Professions  

Course Description
This course is non-transferrable and for health profession students only. Estimation and practical problem solving techniques explored through lecture, discussion and computer work. Topics include: medical abbreviations; conversions using metric, household, apothecary units and scientific notations; percentages; calculation of body statistics; medication dosages and intravenous flow rates.

Math 096 with a grade of C or higher, or equivalent math placement score.

Mode of Delivery (Modes)
Lecture, DE, Hybrid.

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Required for:
Nursing Degree

Course Content

Text: Medical Dosage Calculations: A Dimensional Analysis Approach, 10th Ediiton, Olsen, Pearson Publishing

Unit 1. Basic Calculation Skills and Introduction to Medication Administration
1. Review of Arithmetic for Medical Dosage Calculations
2. Safe and Accurate Drug Administration
3. Dimensional Analysis 

Unit 2. Systems of Measurement
4. The Metric and Household Systems
5. Converting from One System of Measurement to Another

 Unit 3. Oral and Parenteral Medications
6. Oral Medication Doses
7. Syringes
8. Preparation of Solutions
9. Parenteral Medications

Unit 4. Infusions and Pediatric Dosages
10. Flow Rates and Durations of External and Intravenous Infusions
11. Calculating Flow Rates for Intravenous Medications
12. Calculating Pediatric Dosages