Math 097 ~ Beginning Algebra  

Course Description
A beginning course in algebra. Topics include: algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations, solving systems of linear equations and inequalities, mathematical modeling, and functions.

Math 096 with a grade of C or higher, or equivalent math placement score.

Mode of Delivery (Modes)
Lecture, DE, Block, Math Studio, Hybrid.

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Required for:
MATH 098, CHEM 121

Course Content

Text: Elementary Intermediate Algebra: Functions and Authentic Applications, 2nd/E, Lehmann, Pearson Publishing

1. Introduction to Modeling
1.3 Exact Linear Relationships
1.4 Approximate Linear Relationships

2. Operations and Expressions
2.1 Expresssions
2.2 Operations With Fractions
2.3 Adding Real Numbers
2.4 Change In A Quantity And Subtracting Real Numbers
2.5 Ratios, Percents, And Multiplying And Dividing Real Numbers
2.6 Exponents And Order Of Operations

3. Using Slope to Graph Linear Equations
3.1 Graphing Equations Of The Form y = mx + b
3.2 Graphing Linear Models; Unit Analysis
3.3 Slope of a Line
3.4 Using Slope To Graph Linear Equations
3.5 Rate Of Change

4. Simplifying Expressions and Solving Equations
4.1 Commutative, Associative, And Distributive Laws
4.2 Simplifying Expressions
4.3 Solving Linear Equations In One Variable
4.4 Solving More Linear Equations In One Variable
4.5 Comparing Expressions And Equations
4.6 Formulas

5. Linear Functions and Linear Inequalities in One Variable
5.1 Graphing Linear Equations
5.2 Functions
5.3 Function Notation
5.4 Finding Linear Equations
5.5 Finding Equations Of Linear Models
5.6 Using Function Notation With Linear Models To Make Estimates And Predictions
5.7 Solving Linear Inequalities In One Variable