Interactive SageMath Examples

This is a small list of interactive SageMath cells to help learn SageMath. The following is a SageCell which can be altered and re-evaluated.  Below are topic specific (I say that loosely) pages.  


Basic Usage (AKA Miscellaneous)

  1. Solving Equations  
  2. Plotting (basic plotting, implicit, parametric, trigonometric, combining plots, polar)
  3. Fitting Data 
  4. No Predefined Code Page for Experimenting : This one has linked cells


  1. Derivative and Integration Example
  2. Limits
  3. Related Rates  
  4. Partial Fraction Decomposition 
  5. Taylor Polynomials for $e^x$, $sin(x)$, and $cos(x)$

Linear Algebra

  1. Row Reduction using RREF
  2. Operations on Matrices (Includes eigenvalues and eigenvectors)
  3. Vector Operations 

Differential Equations

  1. Slope Fields
  2. Using desolve to solve a first order linear non-homogeneous equation 
  3. Eulers Method
  4. Runge-Kutta
  5. Manipulate to solve Second Order Homogeneous with Constant Coefficients 
  6. Forced Mechanical Vibrations Manipulate
  7. Forced Undamped Vibrations 
  8. Laplace Transforms
  9. Unit Step Function or the Heaviside Function  
  10. Examples from 6.4
  11. 6.5 Example 2 (code and solution is hidden)