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Calculator Programs


GSTATS - Graphical Stats
Make Dot-Plots, Stem-Plots, and Pie Charts.

Stem plots are limited to a stem length of 10. Pie charts require summary data.
GRAPH3D - Graphs multi-variable functions f(x,y) Surface plot and a line plot(3D curve) shown.
VECANAL - Vector analyisis functions Some useful calculations for Statics and Dynamics, and linear algebra.
MULTINT - Multiple Integration   Uses a Gauss-Kronrod-11 Quadrature. Triple integrals may take quite a while to produce a result. Accuracy of results vary.
Riemann- Calculate Riemann Sums Enter equation into Y1 and set the appropriate window before running the program.
SLPFLD2 - Calculates slope fields of the form f'(x,y)

EIGSYS - Calculates Eigenvectors and eigenvalues and solves Initial Value Problems. Use any stored 2x2 matrix.
EULER - use with SLPFLD2 to plot an approximate solution using Eulers Method Run SLPFLD2 to get a slope field.
RK4 - Uses the Runge-Kutta RK4 to approximate the solution to an IVP. Store y'(x,y) into Y1; run; and keep pressing ENTER for each successive point.